Monday, July 13, 2009

The Inner Sleeve

When I get an album, I like looking at the inner sleeve, if it has one and if it's printed on.

This album I got today is on the ABC-Paramount Records label, and it came with a nice inner sleeve, even though it's split at the bottom (big deal) and it's black and white. I love seeing the color ones, which are rare.

I've looked at thousands of records over the years and I like to see on these inner sleeves that there are lots I still haven't seen. It just makes me want to pray the Record Fairy even harder, and leave more broken records under my pillow, to see what I might find. Really, I'm not looking to own a lot more records because I have nowhere to put them.

This inner sleeve has some nice looking records. (There's others on the other side, which I don't have a picture of.)

The Paul Anka record in the corner, "Diana," I don't believe I've ever seen that album. And the Brian Hyland one in the opposite corner, I don't see that around. I have a Brian Hyland album on ABC/Paramount, "Sealed With A Kiss."

Those Lloyd Price albums in the middle look great. But they appear to be rarities as far as Goodwill, Salvation Army, and garage sales are concerned. One is called "Cookin'" (ABC-382), another "Mr. Personality" (ABC-297), and the other "The Fantastic Lloyd Price" (ABC-346). I have a few of Lloyd's 45s but none of these albums.

Ray Charles is represented in the next to the bottom row. The album "Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music" by Ray I've seen numerous times over the years, never in good condition. It has a bright red cover, so bright that Ray himself could probably have seen it!

The others I'm not familiar with. Then there's some generic looking stuff, not too whoopie, but who knows, I might buy it if I saw it in pretty good condition. Don't ask me why. "Drinking Songs Around the World," "Adventures In Paradise," Italian songs, and an album that might be a documentary LP, "Sabicas: The Day of the Bullfight."

The other side has a rocker with Teddy Randazzo. I don't know much about him. I have a 45 with a nice picture sleeve I got at a garage sale a year or two ago. It's not too thrilling. It seems like I saw him in a rock 'n' roll movie from the '50s or early '60s once.

There's a few albums of bawdy ballads, songs from soldier life, some polka LPs, and one interesting looking one from Don Costa's Free-Loaders, called, "Music to Break a Sub-Lease." One by Oscar Brand, "Oscar Brand Sings for Adults." Ooo-la-la.

The bottom half is given over to jazz albums. They all have funky, evocative covers. Of these, I never see these around. There's thousands of records out there that never show up where I go.

UPDATE: I looked up "Sabicas: The Day of the Bullfight" and it's not a documentary record but has music tracks.

New York City: September 19 and October 27, 1958
Sabicas, Diego Castellon, Juan Jimenez Garcia de la Mata; Felix Garcia Vizcaino (g); Keene Crockett (sound effects); Kenyon Hopkins (orchestral introductions) with orchestra.
You can see what the tracks are called and the timings at that link. It has guitar, sound effects, and orchestra. That might be a very cool record.

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