Thursday, July 23, 2009

Our Idiot Congress

It's so hard to believe that these worthless halfwits are the guys and gals we choose by a democratic process to represent us.

They can't get anything done in an efficient and thoughtful way. You've got special interests, they're in their back pockets, they're scratching each other's back, they're currying favors, and, oh, the silver tongued devils can explain themselves. If you've ever gone to your senator's public meetings, they have enough explanations (and usually the crowd's on their side), given that they can allude to a lot of hearings and crap that you of course didn't attend.

This thing with health care reform, I want it done. I'm sick of having thieves and bandits in charge of our health care. But Congress isn't much better.

President Obama's on the right track. He seems clean. But these other guys, and this includes our Democratic side, blue dogs or whatever the morons call themselves, I don't know who they think they're representing.

Harry Reid, is it just me or is this guy worthless?

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