Thursday, July 09, 2009

Leon Panetta

Now he tells us:

CIA Director Leon Panetta told lawmakers in a recent briefing that the intelligence agency he heads misled Congress on "significant actions" for a "number of years," a group of Democrats revealed on Wednesday.
We will be expecting the apologies to Nancy Pelosi to commence right about now... [crickets].

Why anyone would expect a covert agency to always tell the truth, I don't know. Lies, tricks, and deception are their business. But it would be nice, let's say preferable, if they at least told the truth to the people in charge of their business.

I couldn't understand how Panetta could come in there and be so certain that they hadn't misled Congress over the years. How would he know? Do they have a big basket that says "Things We Misled Congress On" and it was empty?

He just came into office this year. Is that the way it works at most businesses, that a guy comes into the office and immediately knows everything that happened for the last 10 years?

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