Saturday, July 04, 2009

July 4 Parade

I went to the July 4 parade, like usual, on the sidelines. It turned out I wasn't Grand Marshall again this year, keeping my streak alive and healthy of never being the Grand Marshall.

But being Grand Marshall comes with its down side. So I was happy to sit on the curb and watch. Once again, I've failed to invest in a nice fold up chair that goes in a cloth bag. So I end up with no chair. Next year ... maybe things will be different. (Probably not.)

I had my usual bemusement at all the standing for the American flag, which is cool enough. Except there are lots of American flags going by, smaller ones, ones people are holding, some strapped to the side of a vehicle, etc., that we're not standing for. It's only the ones that jut out or obviously provoke standing. Such as if a veteran is within 40 yards of it. It's funny, the double standard when it comes to the flags we stand for and vice versa!

They had some flags at the beginning, then a bunch of police and sheriff cars. I was questioning why it was people were still standing after the flags had well passed. Now we're standing up for law enforcement cars? I didn't because I've never heard of that. And I'm old enough to know.

We saw all the usual things, plus kids grabbing for candy at the curb. Some of them were getting their fill and filling a sack or basket.

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