Thursday, July 17, 2008

52 Is More Than 30

How many millions can you be off before it adds up to real money?

We all heard the speculation that Obama's fundraising was down for June, that it would be a measly $30 million. Oh no!

Except now the report has come out that instead it was $52 million, which is -- 2 minus 0 = 2 and 5 minus 3 = 2 -- $22 million more than $30 million. Not too shabby! But it makes you wonder where these lowballing speculations came from.

Is it the reverse psychology? Lower the expectations, then vastly surpass them? Or forward psychology? Say it's low, hoping it is, on the part of the Republicans, and in the meanwhile depressing current enthusiasm? I don't know, except you wouldn't expect positive motives on the part of the opposition.

Well, regardless of where the $30 million figure came from, $52 million is a great month! More than twice what McCain was able to raise. The Republicans are devious, though, so it'll be critical for Obama to keep raising money. And we trust he will.

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