Monday, July 28, 2008

Media Fail to Report Facts on Hospital Visit

Maybe they really are dumb. Who knows? Or maybe they're just so tied to their "narrative" that they can't look up to see the facts on the ground. Whatever it is, facts are facts and fantasy is fantasy.

There was some reason why Obama didn't visit the wounded troops at Landstuhl. If you wanted to find out what the reason was, who would you ask? Would you assume that McCain's explanation would automatically be the truth? You would if you were the big media in this country!

This article explains some of the coverage this non-event received. Instead of simply examining the issue and reporting the objective facts, the big media chose to nibble around the edges (any possible inconsistencies in Obama's story) or to relay in an unquestioning way McCain's assertions, from his attack ad.

If McCain's assertions are false, it seems like Journalistic Rule Number One would have to be to report that his assertions are false. How is it that we don't know this?

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