Monday, July 21, 2008

Trent Lott

It was amusing (and aggravating) watching Trent Lott on Hardball tonight.

Of course he felt it was necessary to put a negative spin on everything related to Obama. It's just so much yammering, but that's the game.

It was especially aggravating, though, when he listed all the foreign policy experience, that you need, and age, etc., when we've just had eight years of George W. Bush. Presumably Lott supported Bush all those years ago, when he was what? A blank slate with a famous name.

I would wish Chris Matthews would be tenacious enough to mention that. But Chris is more or less a suck up to all these guys. His famous man crushes never end.

The other one I could live without is Andrea Mitchell. In the piece on Obama's visit with the troops in Afghanistan -- making the baskets -- she went out of her way to say the military hates to be involved in these sorts of visits, that they're against the rules, etc. But he's a congressman, so what can they do? Where has she been the last eight years when Bush and company have exploited the military up and down the board, with military guys posed strategically behind him, and other events virtually without end?

It seems like the military has had plenty of opportunity to be used, and only now they're complaining?

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