Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dana, No One's Buying the Act

Imagine an American administration that has sunk so low in credibility that you discount everything that comes out of their mouth before it comes out. The old line, 'If their lips are moving they're lying,' will never be truer than it is with the Bush administration.

They have spun and spun and misspun Obama's trip overseas -- if not tried outright sabotage of it. Now we have Maliki endorsing in its essentials Obama's policy on American presence in Iraq. 'No, no, can't be, mistranslated, didn't mean what he said, for Iraqi consumption.' Imagine the armtwisting Maliki is getting behind the scenes from the corrupt Bush administration. Because they're driven by ideology (helping themselves and McCain) and trying not to step in the crap of their past statements. Such as they did with "appeasement" last week. Now they're trying to avoid "timetables" by coming up with something stupid like "time horizons." LOL. Even crooks can be clowns.

So, as it becomes apparent that Maliki is at least competent enough to speak and say what he wants to say, we now have public scolding from Dana Perino:

"We don't think that talking about specific negotiating tactics or your negotiating position in the press is the best way to negotiate a deal," Perino said after Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki was quoted in a magazine article supporting the 16-month troop withdrawal timeline proposed by Obama, the Democratic presidential candidate. "However, we understand that they're a sovereign country and they'll be able to do that," Perino said. "We're just not going to do it on our end."
Pffft! What "we" do "on our end" isn't worthy of imitation. All the lies, all the digging in just to save face, the partisan maneuvering. We've got people fighting and dying over there for the pride and "legacy" of George Bush and nothing more. And we've seen his duplicity for eight long years.

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