Wednesday, July 30, 2008

John McCain Obviously Lying

Larry King asked McCain why Obama didn't go to the Landstuhl military hospital. McCain's answer is obviously a lie:

LARRY: Why do you think he didn't go?
MCCAIN: I have no idea except that I know that according to reports that he wanted to bring media people and cameras and his campaign staffers...
"I have no idea." None. I'm completely ignorant of any possible reasons, whether they would be negative or positive to Mr. Obama. I don't have a clue. There have been "reports" of reasons yet still "I have no idea." Perhaps Obama has given an explanation but if he has I haven't heard it. For had I heard it, of course, then I would have to have some idea.

For someone who has "no idea" of what's going on, McCain has been very bold about speaking out and mucking up the waters. If we were to take him at his word, he's making another preemptive strike based on faulty intelligence. By now, wouldn't he want at least to form some idea of the truth before lashing out?

His boldness to speak out was seen in the quick attack ad that got so much coverage, which, if I'm recalling, had some variation on the phrase, "This is John McCain and I approved this message." Why would someone known for "straight talk" approve a message that he himself had "no idea" about?

There are possibilities here. Setting aside here forgetfulness, mental lapses, and dementia, one big possibility is staring us right in the face: John McCain is a liar.

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