Tuesday, July 29, 2008

"Don't Be Cruil" to Cuil

I was out of the loop on Cuil. I honestly never heard one word about it till yesterday when it had its big debut. It's surely been mentioned before, right?

Then suddenly there it was, upon us, a big surprise. The fun in that is that the next latest thing might be here momentarily and I'll be equally surprised!

Well, it didn't go well. The things I looked up -- my own name, various internet pseudonyms, etc. -- didn't come up with much. My own name was actually there a few times but the way it's laid out on the screen isn't good, too few results shown, and of course other people have the same name, "Regnad Kcin." Then I typed my name and a state I lived in, which said, "244,424 results" for that, but it only showed 2 and there wasn't a second page.

I typed in a blog title, one of my great blogs that everyone loves so much -- Grandma Slump -- and it wasn't there at all. It did show a few things having to do with grandmas and economic and housing slumps, that sort of thing, but that doesn't help me with my own grandma's whereabouts. She's 104 years old, for crying out loud, let's have some respect!

I typed a couple domains that I own, that have been online (with not much there) forever, and neither one appeared. (Of course I'm going going to cycle through 3000+ results looking for it.)

But, hey, everything and everyone has to start somewhere. Baby steps and all that. It's not cuil to be cruil. Although sometimes you have to be cruil to be kynd!

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