Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Poll with McCain Ahead

It's old news by now -- yesterday -- but there was a poll that has McCain out front by a few points, the USA Today/Gallup national poll. It's a little mixed, with Obama leading McCain 47%-44% among registered voters. But when it's reduced to only those likely to vote, McCain has a 49%-45% lead.

I don't think this is real significant at this point. But it shows there's going to be ups and downs. Just don't be surprised if it all flips the next time they take it.

For everyone hoping it will be an Obama landslide, I hope that too. And we get the big media making a big deal out of it that Obama -- when he's ahead -- isn't more ahead. I'm not expecting a popular vote landslide, for the simple fact that the Republicans are going to get their votes. The election was close in 2000 and '04, very close. Obama's great, but there's nothing at this point that shows the Republicans and their fellow travelers will be denied their usual portion.

Looking at some electoral maps, lately, getting down into the state by state stuff, it looks like Obama right now is projected to have an easier time of it than Gore or Kerry.

But if McCain keeps getting assists and hand outs from the big media -- lies and misrepresentations being lied about and misrepresented -- he could make it really really close.

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