Saturday, July 26, 2008

Grandpa Clueless Shops for Groceries

Here I am, shopping for groceries with an average American and her kids. They kind of remind me of my great-grandkids, except of course they're younger. So this is where they sell groceries, huh? Interesting. They have everything on shelves and it's self service, not like 'back in the day' when old Jenkins at Jenkins General Store had to get everything for you!

I'm glad I wore my suit. I wouldn't want to look out of place. I should ask her what she wants me to do to help out. Good, the camera's rolling. I'd hate to be wasting my time like this if I couldn't get some coverage. Doing common things with common folks, that'll show them I'm no elitist.

So, what's this big basket thing with wheels? You put the items in it is what I would assume. Let's just stand here and make sure they get a good shot.

Whoa, what's that behind me? The applesauce is going everywhere! Where's the secret service? I'm being attacked by fruit jars! Get me out of this God-forsaken place! We'll just go out to eat from now on!


Jessica Blakely said...

Heeee-larious commentary!!! Right on the money. This was a 'tank' moment for John McCain! Thanks for posting. I'm laughing my A** off!!

Margeeee Feldman said...

after watching McCain on ThisWeek, this video only reminds me that this guy truly has multiple personalities - very few of which I want as my President.

as a woman, any man who thinks orphans should sit in an institution rather than have parents who happen to be gay is a monster.

then, to see him running around a store like he is mr mom or something is nothing short of vomitous

this man needs to be placed in an institution himself, and hopefully a lesbian couple will take pity on his sorry self and adopt him and change his diapers and give him love

other than that, he's a useless pig

Myname IsALinkToo said...

Had to post this here as there are no comments on the other posts. Just one of those things that makes you laugh about the John McCain campaign - and the lengths of what people will do.