Saturday, July 26, 2008

McCain's Snippiness

I've been noticing something in the recent string of McCain's constant criticisms of Obama, that he is a very snippy guy. Sarcasm, little chuckles, sounding put out, distortions, etc.

I hope people are picking up on that. It'd be nice to have a focus group right in my living room, so when McCain is on I wouldn't have to wait around for the media to tell me how McCain's 'tude is playing. As it is, there's only a couple of sensibilities in my household to go by. So I say, "Pretend you're not against him already. What do you think of his sarcasm and snippy comments?" "I don't like them." But still, you don't know, because we are already deadset against him.

I'm really not hearing what McCain hopes to do as president. I'm really not hearing good promises. What is filtering through is his attitude, which sounds mean and nasty. He's mirroring really what you pick up in rightwing media and blog posts. They're just clawing at Obama for anything and everything, without really anything positive to say. It's like they're so angry they don't know what else to do.

Actually, if they had any sense of shame -- and I know they don't -- they would totally sit this one out, for the misery they've put us through for the last eight years. At least we could hope they would be a little more circumspect about their plans for governing and put forth some kind of positive agenda.

The biggest hope we can have at this point is that the Republicans will go down, and go down hard. They have failed this country big time -- and McCain only looks to continue that. We really need a breather. We need something positive. We've suffered enough with Bush.

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