Sunday, July 27, 2008

McCain Denies Using the Word "Timetable"

It looks like Grandpa McCain is confused again, this time about what words he uses. You know, up in your mind there's this little gatekeeper. He's a little guy who stands right between your brain and your mouth, equal distance between one point and another. He's in charge of letting words through or telling them to stay put. But at some point in your life, usually as you age, you notice him slipping up and letting words pass through.

Did Grandpa McCain use the word "timetable" in relation to troop withdrawal from Iraq? It was just the other day! There's another little guy up there, usually works closely with the gatekeeper, called memory. All these little guys eventually retire or die, and that's when you're finished.

If you're missing the gatekeeper guy and the memory guy, you're on the way out. Check the evidence whether John McCain used the word "timetable."

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