Thursday, July 31, 2008

We Knew It!

It was obvious on the face of it that McCain was going to attack Obama whether he visited the wounded troops or didn't. But it's nice to see some validation of that, to let us know that our unchecked cynicism isn't unwarranted. When we have people like McCain -- people of no principles -- you know they'll swing both ways. If you did A you should've done B. If you did B you should've done A.

From Business Week: What the McCain campaign doesn’t want people to know, according to one GOP strategist I spoke with over the weekend, is that they had an ad script ready to go if Obama had visited the wounded troops saying that Obama was...wait for it...using wounded troops as campaign props. So, no matter which way Obama turned, McCain had an Obama bashing ad ready to launch. I guess that’s political hardball. But another word for it is the one word that most politicians are loathe to use about their opponents—a lie. (Posted by David Kiley.)
I really don't know why most politicians (at least through associates) are loathe to use the word lie. It's what liars do. And if we know anything about Republicans by this point it's that very thing. They are unscrupulous and completely removed from the truth. Liars.

Remember, John McCain would've created a "seismic event" if they'd told him he couldn't visit those troops. But if Obama had visited them we probably would've never heard of this "seismic event." Maybe that's what happened in California the other day. McCain was stomping around concerning something and set off an earthquake!

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