Sunday, July 27, 2008

Rules Rules Rules

So, it turns out there are rules about political campaigns visiting military sites. You'd think there'd have to be, but we've seen so much blurring of the lines between the military and politics in the last eight years, it wasn't obvious.

McCain has been blustery as of late, supposedly angry that Obama didn't go to that one particular military hospital. He himself, he said, would've caused a "seismic event" if barred. But from the looks of this article, the link above, he actually demurs like anyone should and tries to follow the rules. His bluster is for public consumption.

But think about it. Did McCain really want Obama to visit this military hospital? Why would he? It would only serve to embellish Obama's commander-in-chief stature. Obviously McCain wouldn't want that. So he was geared up to criticize Obama if he went there and if he didn't. There's another word for this, of course, lying. He was upset about something he wasn't upset about and would've been equally upset with the opposite. If that works for him, if he thinks that's a position of integrity, that's his business.

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