Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cantor Shows How Worthless Republicans Are

I can't even remember where this hack, Congressman Cantor, is from. And I'm not going to look it up, because who cares? All he's good for is ... nothin'. A sack of garbage has more redeeming qualities.

I love the way Chris Matthews takes the worthless guy to the woodshed and tans his hide good. The Republicans really really think they're fooling us, that they're not really Republicans, and, anyway, just because they've been in charge doesn't mean they're responsible for anything.

I remember when they held up Bush as the guy who could do no wrong. Now that even they discover he can do no right they run so far from him he's persona non grata, to his own party! And yet the hack, this idiot Cantor, keeps spinning toward the future -- "no finger pointing and blame, please" -- because John McCain now is the Republican guy who can do no wrong. Anything to cling to power. Of course they have no idea whatsoever how to govern, but they're happy to sit there and muck things up for the rest of us.

When I see a true scuzball like Congressman Cantor babbling on, I see clearly what's at stake. The same gang of crooks ... or a new start, a government we can be proud of again. Even he's not proud of Bush, but all he wants to do is change the subject.


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