Monday, September 15, 2008

Thanks, But No Thanks -- Forever!

At some point doesn't it get ridiculous to keep repeating this line? Even if it were a true statement, wouldn't she have anything else to say? The fact that it's a lie makes it even more egregious. It's one thing to say it a couple times. Then you get caught and you quit. It's pathological to have this one line, to grind it in the ground, to be caught lying, and to keep grinding it. Crazy talk!

Congress -- Please take our money. We want you to have it.
Palin -- No, listen, really, we don't want it.
Congress -- But we want you to build that bridge.
Palin -- We don't want to build a bridge, you ninnies.
Congress -- But think what a cool bridge it might be. Please reconsider.
Palin -- No, how can I make this clear? We would rather not have the bridge or your money.
Congress -- We really have to insist you take it. Come on, you know you want to.
Palin -- I'm trying to be nice about this. So listen to me one more time: Thanks, but no thanks. If we wanted to build a bridge, we would build it ourselves.
Congress -- So, what are you saying? It's over?
Palin -- I'm afraid so.
Congress -- How about we just leave the money behind in case you change your mind?
Palin -- Thanks, but no thanks. I won't. Take the money with you.
Congress -- We'll just set this briefcase over by that tree.

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