Thursday, September 18, 2008

You Can't Eat Lipstick

Actually, I remember an episode of the Three Stooges in which Curly was eating lipstick. If memory serves! But I don't remember it being a particularly enjoyable meal.

In other words, if the election is on the issues, John McCain loses. If it's on lipstick and ephemera, the old bird has a shot. The problem, of course, with dwelling on lipstick and ephemera is that if we get stuck with that, that's hard to eat for the next four years. At that time we would find out what such ignorance hath wrought.

We need a president who's going to be serious about the issues, not just ideology, not just being sidetracked by crap that doesn't make any difference. John McCain is not -- let us repeat this word of negativity once again in an emphasized way lest any fail to get it -- is NOT the man we need for the job. He's nothing but ego and deception. He wants to be president because he wants to be president. What he would actually accomplish there, zip, nada. He hasn't said. He does say anything he needs to say along the way, trying to get elected. He's flipped around so many times in the last few days he's a weather vane. Those are his "principles;" that is his deception.

We need a president like Barack Obama, who is a serious person, who will bring some intelligence to the table, to help solve tough problems in a reasonable way. No one can say that we haven't given stupidity a fair shot. Eight years, and we see what happened. As in other areas of life, stupidity doesn't usually mean success. You want to eat, right? You want to have a home? You want your children to have decent schools? You want to retire someday? Get smart.

John McCain is economic, national suicide ... more of the same.

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