Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Fine Line

One of Bill in Portland Maine's witty remarks caught my eye today, as being "so true."

Democrats always have to "walk a fine line." Republicans never do.
So true! Any little burp or tweet from the Democrats and the media's on them like stink, with an able assist from the ultra right squawk machine. But the Republicans can lumber about, stagger about, tipping things over, mauling, running riot, and barely a peep.

At the present time, the Republicans stand for insanity and the Democrats for sanity. But so often it's the insanity that gets the attention and is presented as something right down the average American's alley. Sure, it's completely against your self-interest and the interest of your country, but watch us wave the flag. Sure, we'll take away Social Security but we'll call it Strengthening America's Future. Nuts.

The Democrats are getting the idea. Especially as we get closer to the election. We don't want a respectable double. We need to knock this thing out of the park.

It's great news that the media is picking up on John McCain's lies and his very poor judgment. It really might be the country's saving grace that he turned out to be such a dishonorable man.

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