Saturday, September 20, 2008

McCain Flip Flopping on Social Security

Where does McCain stand on the issues? The answer is: What do you want to hear this week?

Where does he stand on Social Security in particular? The answer is: What position might do him the most good today?

He's been laboring like Hercules for years for the privatization of Social Security, even calling Social Security a disgrace. He supported Bush right down the line, in lockstep, for accounts tied to the stock market. But now, you guessed it, the stock market's in the toilet, there's no political gain in his actual position, so he's pretending that he's no longer for privatization.

Here's a little straight talk, John: If you're everywhere on every issue you're really nowhere. No one should believe you about anything.

What I want is someone who will be honest. Social Security is important. And I don't want anyone to take it away, which is what McCain and Bush literally tried to do. If we let the fox in the chicken house, don't be surprised when we wake up to no more chickens.

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