Friday, September 12, 2008

Crazy McCain Ad

"They" dismissed Sarah Palin as "good-looking." OK, who doesn't want to be good looking? Ha ha. If that's the way McCain wants it, I for one don't find her all that good looking. There. I don't like the facial tics, the hair. But personally I would be looking for the full package, inner beauty and integrity. If those are left out, no matter what she looks like out here she's not going to be "good looking" to me. So have it your own way, McCain!

"They" said she "does what she's told." What is this? That she has campaign handlers, direction from the campaign, direction from the head of the ticket? That seems about normal for a VP candidate, doesn't it? Would they prefer she didn't do what she was told? A loose cannon on deck? But really, I haven't seen any evidence that Palin is being purposefully off message as far as the campaign's going. She not only should not be showing independence, she is not. But we all know what the ad's sneer is about, the old sexist thing, that the McCain wants to pretend like she's an equal partner and making her own decisions. That's ridiculous for someone in the VP slot.

"They" call her "a liar. How disrespectful." Truth hurts, I know. She is a liar. And way to put it in your own ad! I love it. Every news outlet in the world except maybe Fox and a few other halfwits have been pointing out the definite fact that McCain and Palin are both liars. Maybe they don't like the word. It's tough to be caught, but maybe don't be so brazen about it. Is it "disrespectful" to say their claims don't match the facts? To me, that's Obama's responsibility.

By the way, how do you like the assassination of Barack Obama in this ad? A blinding flash right below the throat and a boom. Isn't that about where the bullet came out of JFK? I don't like that part of the ad at all. Talk about disrespectful.

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