Monday, September 29, 2008

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! John McCain Wants The Credit!

Do you get the impression that John McCain is trying to get the credit for anything good that happens in Washington? The whole thing about this bail-out ... He swoops into Washington to save the day, promptly destroys the whole thing and slinks back out.

Then he swoops in again. And it looks like the bill is going to pass, giving the McCain camp just enough time to rush out a spokesman -- Mitt Romney -- to give McCain the credit for it. Then it fails again.

Here's part of a story from Yahoo:

CHICAGO (AFP) - John McCain's presidential campaign claimed credit as Congress readied Monday to vote on an emergency economic package, but Democrats said the Republican's last-ditch intervention had been no help.

Mitt Romney, McCain's erstwhile rival for the Republican nomination, said the deal on a Wall Street bailout worth up to 700 billion dollars would never have happened without the Arizona senator.

Speaking on NBC television, the former Massachusetts governor said "this bill would not have been agreed to had it not been for John McCain."
It's almost worth it to have it fail just to see the egg on his face. Ooops!

Of course when Congress does eventually get around to passing something we won't have to look any farther than JOHN McCAIN to know who to give the credit to!

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