Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dishonorable Discharge

I got the title and idea for this post from "marcim" at Daily Kos.

It's a great title. We like to think of John McCain as a man of honor. But it was very telling recently when he couldn't (or wouldn't) give a definition of honor in a Time interview.

As it turns out he may very well have been at a loss for words. Because the words coming out of his mouth (and his campaign) lately are far from honorable. He may have gotten an honorable discharge from the military, but what's coming from him himself is a "dishonorable discharge."

Marcim says:

Obama sees Rove's lips moving and is calling it out. And it's beginning to resonate. Even Drudge is noticing it. How many baldfaced lies can Rove have his dummies say before someone says, "Hey, this is dishonorable." Unbecoming behavior of an officer and a gentleman. Dishonorable discharge.
So true, so true.

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