Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Responsibility Party

I distinctly recall over the years the term "the responsibility party" being applied to the GOP. It returns to my thoughts whenever I hear them blaming someone else for their failures. Which, in recent years, actually leaves me very little time to think of anything else.

They certainly positioned themselves as the responsibility party in terms of personal morality. But we've seen what a sham it is in this, that personal morality is trivial if it doesn't apply beyond the individual level. If you have government running amok in corruption, and business screwing over the country economically, exploiting everyone, and lack of regulation that allows other outrages, that's a sham. The GOP has careened out of control. But now they're back for another four years!

In my opinion, you either have to be seriously not paying attention if you vote Republican, or maybe there's just something else wrong.

As for being the reponsibility party, as far as they're concerned it's still Clinton's fault. Who know if and when they'll ever claim the Bush years as their own. But it's got REPUBLICAN stamped all over it.

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